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Abi Strevens MA,  D.Hyp, PDCB Hyp, MBCH






"A man cannot directly choose his circumstances, but he can choose his thoughts, and so indirectly, yet surely, shape his circumstances"

James Allen – As a Man Thinketh




If you are looking for a professionally trained, ethical hypnotherapist but live outside the Oxford area you may find this list of therapists with practices across Great Britain helpful. Each of them is a Full Member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH) which registers hypnotherapists who attain a high level of training and every therapist is governed by the BSCH's Code of Conduct.

Aberdeenshire – Ellon Dee Buchanan http://www.deebuchanan.com

Berkshire – Reading Bill Doult http://www.therapypartnership.com

Edinburgh Alan Hedges http://www.scottishhypnotherapy.co.uk

Essex – Redbridge Peter Caton http://www.redbridgehypnotherapy.com

Glamorgan – Penarth Alan Armsonstrong http://www.anvilconsultancy.com

Glasgow Roger Foxwell http://www.rogerfoxwell.co.uk

Gloucestershire – Cheltenham Christine Sullvan http://www.christine-sullivan.co.uk

Hampshire – Andover Caroline Moodie http://www.andoverhypno.co.uk

Hampshire – Gosport Lynda Panter http://www.healing-hypnotherapy.co.uk

Hereford Anthony Lawson http://hypnotherapyhereford.com

Hertfordshire – Luton Juli Arthur http://www.houseofpeace.info

Leicestershire - Market Harborough Dr Robert Davison http://www.hypnosis-counselling-leicester.co.uk

London – Hampstead Richard Chalmers http://www.richardchalmers.co.uk

Manchester Jackie O’Donnell http://questtherapy.net

Merseyside – Southport Vivienne Dent http://www.viviennedent.com

Newcastle-upon-Tyne Anne Morrison http://www.annemorrison.co.uk

Oxford Abi Strevens http://www.evoca-hypnotherapy.co.uk

Oxfordshire – Bloxham Tony Love http://www.tonylovehypnotherapy.co.uk

Shropshire – Newport Denise Pheasant http://www.denisepheasant.co.uk

Somerset – Weston-Super–Mare Enid Hensley http://www.hensleyhypnosis.com

Wiltshire – Malmesbury Lesley Jefferson http://www.transitions-hypnotherapy.co.uk

Worcestershire – Broadway Elizabeth Machnicki http://www.easingminds.co.uk


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